Penny Hunter for dg penny item App Anmeldelser

Not working app

Why are we allowed to buy this app that can’t be used? If it’s unavailable for use you should have stated so.

Waste of time

This app does not work! Error message after error message! Waste of money! I want a refund!

Won’t even open!

I keep trying to sign in to open it and it tells me “avator can not nil” or something to that effect. I really want my money back but have no clue how to do that. This is such a scam!


I tried to download this app twice it won’t let me. But yet they still have my money. I wish you could download the apps then them take the money out after it’s opened and ok. They way they do it you always loose.

Bad app. Waste of money.

I never buy apps and I regret buying this one. It wouldn’t let me create an account at all and now I can’t get that money back.

Angry customer

The worse can’t even get log on or contact someone for help!!!!

Waste of time and money

This app ha potential, but is absolutely horrible. The scanner doesn’t work, regardless if the upc matches. The app glitches and does not refresh properly leaving me to restart not just the app, but my phone in order for the app to reprogram itself while in the store and trying to use it. Don’t waste your money on this app!

Do NOT download

Will not let you log in reads error

Doesn’t work

I bought this app and can’t even register to get it to work!! Error message after error message. Getting a refund!

Undeveloped app

Unable to even log in.. this app is in developmental stages.

Rip-Off Buyer Beware

This is a whack spin off from the original Penny Finder App and scans will not confirm no matter how many times you try. Way to capitalize on someone’s need to save money. I want a refund


Not what I expected though it would tell me the price. It does not just says not a verified penny product. Disappointed

Doesn’t work

I tried to set up a account and it won’t let me use a screen name. Keeps telling me Avertor can not nil. What does this mean I want my money back,!


App will not even open


I am disappointed and mad at myself for not reading the reviews before I wasted the 1.99 on this app....not sure if it’s ever been updated.

Grma 2 5

Awful app. Not worth downloading. I want my money back.

App. not setup

I paid for the Penny Hunter app. and down loaded it, tried to create an account. it says App not set up contact Admin. Please refund my money back. Thank you


Can’t get it to even let me sign up!! I need a refund!!!

Rip off

It’s a fraud. Do not purchase

Paid and didn’t work


Nothing was correct

I used the app to shop and scan for penny items. Used the list of verified items and not one thing rang up correctly. Multiple tries. Sad to have paid for an app that I will not be able to us or call reliable.




This as is not good it doesnt work! And not accurate

Doesn't work without cell service

Biggest ripoff, app doesn't work. I thought this was Penny Finder, turns out it's a Chinese company? They have Dollar Generals in China? I looked it up! They don't! What a waste of money! Getting a refund!

Has a bunch of random stuff in it

Maybe the Chinese "find penny item" but America don't find penny item

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